What are the best makgeolli brews? We curated a list of the top makgeolli brands. The list only includes “draft” makgeolli, i.e. fresh makgeolli that was not pasteurized yet.

Neurin Maeul Makgeolli “Slow village” – 느린마을 막걸리

Brewery: Baesangmyeon (배상면주가)

Neurinmaeul Makgeolli

  • The taste changes throughout its shelf-life through 4 “seasons”: “Spring” fresh and light carbonated, “Summer” fresh and moderate carbonated, “Autumn” slightly bitter and strong carbonation, “Winter” for good and mature drinkers.
  • No artificial additives
  • Non-pasteurized

Website: https://www.slowbrewpub.com/

Boksoondoga Makgeolli – 복순도가 손막걸리

Brewery: Boksoondoga (복순도가)

Boksoondoga Makgeolli

  • Extremely bubbly
  • Not pasteurized
  • The “champagne” of makgeolli

Website: https://www.boksoon.com/

Haechang Makgeolli – 해창 막걸리

Brewery: Haechang (해창주조장)

Haechang Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 6%
  • Only 3 ingredients: water, rice and yeast
  • Dry, not sweet
  • Not pasteurized

Website: https://haechangjujo.modoo.at/

Gapyeong Pine Nut Makgeolli – 가평 잣 생막걸리

Brewery: Woorisool (우리술)

Gapyeong Pine Nut Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 6%
  • Made with 100% domestic rice
  • Not pasteurized

Website: http://woorisool.kr

Gongju Chestnut Makgeolli – 공주알밤막걸리

Brewery: Sagok (사곡양조장)

Gongju Chestnut Makgeolli

  • Chestnut makgeolli
  • Thick and rich in flavour

Website: http://bamsul.com/

Song Myeong Seob Makgeolli – 송명섭 막걸리

Brewery: (태인양조장)

Seong Myeong Seob Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 6%
  • Created by makgeolli master Song Myeong Seob
  • Simple refreshing taste, not sweet nor sour
  • Considered to be one of the best makgeolli.

Website: http://www.xn--og5bv8a5dl6a612a.com/

Horangi Tiger Makgeolli – 호랑이 생막걸리

Brewery: Baedoga (배혜정도가)

Tiger Draft Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 6%
  • No artificial additives
  • Not pasteurized

Website: http://www.baedoga.co.kr

Ureongi Ssal Makgeolli – 우렁이 쌀막걸리

Brewery: Yangchon (양촌양조장)

Ureongissal Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 7.5%
  • Not pasteurized
  • Long low temperature brewing (30 days)

Website: http://www.iyangchon.com/

Yetnal Makgeolli – 옛날막걸리 古

Brewery: Kooksoondang (국순당)

Yetnal Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 8%
  • Not pasteurized

Website: http://www.ksdb.co.kr/

Ehwaju Makgeolli – 이화주

Brewery: Kooksoondang (국순당)

Ewhaju Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 14.5%
  • Super thick and creamy like yoghurt

Website: http://www.ksdb.co.kr/

Sobaeksan Makgeolli – 소백산 막걸리

Brewery: Daegang (대강양조장)

Sobaeksan Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 6%
  • Not pasteurized

Website: http://www.krwine.com/

Ehwabaekju Makgeolli – 이화백주

Brewery: Ehwabaekju (이화백주)

Ewhabaekju Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 6%
  • Fermented naturally at low temperature for 15 days

Website: http://www.ehwaju.com/

Jipyeong Makgeolli – 지평 생막걸리

Brewery: Jipyeong (지평주조)

Jipyeong Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 5%
  • Smooth taste

Website: http://www.jpjujo.com/

Geumjeong Mountain Fortress Makgeolli – 금정산성 막걸리

Brewery: Geumjeongsanseong (금정산성토산주)

Geumjeongsanseong Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 8%

Website: https://sanmak.kr/

Eunjagol – 은자골 탁배기

Brewery: Eunjagol (은척양조장)

Eunjagol Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 5%

Website: https://takbaeki.modoo.at/

Omija Makgeolli – 오미자 생막걸리

Brewery: Mungyeong (문경주조)

Omija Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 6.5%
  • Omija berry flavoured (magnolia berry)

Website: https://mgomijasul.modoo.at/

Hongcheon Gang Makgeolli – 홍천강 탁주

Brewery: 전통주조 예술

Hongcheon Gang Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 11%
  • No artificial sweetening

Website: http://www.ye-sul.co.kr/

White Lotus Makgeolli – 백련 막걸리 미스티

Brewery: Shinpyeong (신평양조장)

White Lotus Misty Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 7%

Website: http://www.koreansul.co.kr/

Yeonyeop Saeng Takju – 연엽 생탁주

Brewery: Midam (미담양조장)

Yeonyeop Takju

  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Not carbonated
  • Creamy and sweet

Website: https://midamwinery.modoo.at/

Homo Ludens – 호모루덴스

Brewery: Sansu (산수)

Homo Ludens Makgeolli

  • Alcohol: 12%